How to Choose Accommodation in Virginia

How to Choose Accommodation in Virginia

How to Choose Accommodation in Virginia

There are many variables to consider when choosing a place to stay; it is essential to consider these before you book and certainly before you leave for your destination.

If you are looking to choose accommodation in Virginia then you must consider the following factors:

Size & Type of Party

The first consideration you must make is how many people are in your party. If you are looking to book a family holiday then you may wish to look at Virginia hotels or self-contained holiday homes. However, if you are travelling by yourself then a hotel is usually the easiest option; especially if you are travelling on business.

The larger your party the harder it will be to locate a property which can take all of you; especially if you are booking at short notice. This and whether anyone needs adult supervision or specific needs met must be considered before you book.


The next criterion is the facilities available at your chosen Virginia accommodation. If you are taking the family on holiday you will want accommodation which offers a pool, a sports room and perhaps even a children’s club.

However, if you are undertaking the trip for business or romance then these needs will not necessarily be so important. You may prefer a cozy hotel where you can be left to your own devices.


One of the biggest deciding factors is the attractions. Again this comes down to the purpose for your trip.

Virginia is a beautiful state and is home to some impressive attractions; such as the Arlington national cemetery, the tomb of the unknowns and, perhaps of more interest to children, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

In fact there are many fascinating museums. But there is also the impressive Virginia Beach boardwalk.

To choose accommodation in Virginia you must decide which of these attractions are going to be the most appealing to you and your party. This will help you decide the area you wish to stay in.


It is very important to look at reviews of specific accommodations. Once you have located an area and even potential accommodation prospects, you can study the reviews. This can be done on the website of the accommodation and on social media sites.

You should look at those providing honest feedback. There are always likely to be a few issues but these should be minor with the overall experience positive. Extremely negative reviews should be discarded unless there are a huge number of them!

Top Ten Lists

Finally, you can look on the internet and find lists regarding the top ten accommodations in Virginia. This may help you to narrow your search, in conjunction with the reviews. But, as always, you must consider the budget you have available and the location before you make your final decision.

In most cases limited time is spent in the accommodation; this is why you should choose accommodation in Virginia which has positive reviews and is in the right location; for your needs.


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