American casinos – not everything is as it seems

American casinos – not everything is as it seems

American casinos – not everything is as it seems

Casinos in America

1) Las Vegas Casino

2) Casino in Reno

3) Casino in Atlantic City

4) Land Casinos in New York

5) American Casino Florida

6) Casino in California

Whether you are a gambling expert, surely when you think of America one of the first things that comes to mind is the image of a great nation where everything is possible, this is partly true, in America there are there are so many more opportunities than in any other place in the world and in a variety of genres, but it is also true that gambling is not all that glittering gold.

Not everyone knows that as far as American land-based casinos are concerned, things are not so deserved as they may appear to have a first impact with this immense nation, it hides in fact the often unthinkable facets, it is a state of opportunity but also of big contradictions in today’s America, gambling is a very explicit example in this regard.

If, for example, the best-known American casinos are also the best in the world and are mostly found in the United States and more precisely in the legendary Las Vegas, in the city of Reno in Nevada and Atlantic City in New Jersey, it is equally true that in some neighboring states gambling is absolutely forbidden, it looks amazing, but it really is.

Alongside the sparkling world of Las Vegas land games, made of excesses, shamelessness of all kinds, legendary wins and transgressive encounters that can not be told, a few hundred kilometers of gambling is impossible and the image of the nation so liberal as it comes to mind every time you talk about America begins to waver.

We have said above, America is a nation full of heavy contrasts like this, but it is also something that makes it even more fascinating, being able to move from one state to another and find so many differences a few miles away distance does not reduce the desire to play ever since the Americans, which also make many hours of car to reach the best American casinos concentrated mostly in the United States.

The most sparkling American casinos

Talking about terrestrial casinos in America is by no means easy, if in some states gambling is not allowed, in those where this is perfectly legal there are incredible facilities, dream places for every gambler of every rank and grade, so it is it is very difficult to make a sort of ranking that includes all the major casinos in America, so we chose to make a condensed structure by dividing them by state.

American Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Patriot for international gambling, Las Vegas is the supreme expression and desire of every gambler in its most varied forms, the best American casinos are in Las Vegas, there is no doubt about this for which we have dedicated to the famous city of Nevada a stand-alone page, because here it really reaches the maximum when it comes to gambling.

So we will not go too far to talk about Las Vegas and its land games because we’ve just done it in a special section of the site, we just here briefly summarize some of the most beautiful structures in that area, starting with from the famous “Bellagio”, inspired by its structure to the city on Lake Como, or “The Venetian”, with a faithful reproduction of one of the most beautiful Italian cities in Venice.

But in Las Vegas is also the largest of the American land games, the legendary “MGM Grand Las Vegas”, a complex that has made the gambling history but not only, in it have been held for decades of gigantic sporting events and concerts of famous music stars, as well as dozens of shows of various kinds.

Another institution is the “Caesars Palace”, one of the longest buildings in Las Vegas, and is well-liked all over the world, with its imposing structure reminiscent of the splendors of Ancient Rome, with Roman columns, arches and writing that are able to tarsport you with the mind a few centuries away.

We could talk about the hours of American casinos that are in Las Vegas, the list here is really long, for every detail we suggest you go and read the specially created page, where we can talk more in detail about the best facilities we’ve found here.

American Casinos in Nevada (Reno)

casino renoSe Las Vegas is today the capital of world gambling, until the end of the 1950s this primacy touched the city of Reno, always in Nevada, and is nicknamed “The Biggest Little Town in the World” there have been trends and have made fortunes for many gambling operators who then moved to nearby Las Vegas.

In spite of this, some important gaming houses have remained to be a good show of it, even today, many of the most famous American land casinos in the world are in Reno and are able to celebrate the great nights of millions of visitors each year in this spectacular Nevada town to spend hours of fun.

One of these is the “Atlantis Casino Resort Spa” casino hotel among the most luxurious in Reno, where you will find 824 rooms and suites with Jacuzzi and an area dedicated to the game of about 65,000 square meters where you will find all the best of the clay international, all surrounded by tropical decor and scattered waterfalls throughout the casino and dining areas.

Among the American casinos in Reno, you can not name among the first the “Peppermill Resort Spa Casino”, the largest hotel resort in the area with its 1,600 rooms and a large ballroom of more than 100,000 square feet where every night organized concerts and parties of all kinds.

Reno’s true jewel is the “Grand Sierra Resort” opened in 1978 with a capacity of 1,990 rooms and suites, 10 restaurants, a shopping center, swimming pool, congress center, bowling alley, cinemas, nightclubs, 25,000 sqm of swimming pool, golf course and one of the largest casino in the city, with over 90,000 square feet of slots, slots with no download, video poker, board games and much more.

There are 17 bars in the Peppermill Casino, each with a different theme, 10 restaurants available to guests, and many other amenities including an award-winning wellness center, all recently renovated with Tuscan theme, including the largest poker room in Reno with 19 tables and a VIP room.

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