5 Things to Do In Virginia with a Family

5 Things to Do In Virginia with a Family

5 Things to Do In Virginia with a Family

The state of Virginia is classed as a Southern state and a Mid-Atlantic one. Its largest city sits on the famous Virginia Beach and it is part of history as the first English colonial possession in the North America.

It is also interesting to note that eight US presidents have been born in Virginia; this is currently the record for any state.

Virginia is a diverse and exciting place to visit for families and couples. They are a huge number of attractions to see and a week will simply not be long enough for most families!


  • Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach borders the Atlantic and enjoys plenty of sunshine throughout the year. It offers the usual range of water-based attractions; including wind surfing, paddle boarding or simply enjoying the sunshine.

This by itself makes it a great attraction for the family. However, there is more to this beach. The boardwalk is 3 miles long and has been carefully designed to allow bikes to move separately to pedestrians. This allows a great many events to occur on the beach and in the beachfront properties. There is literally always something happening!


  • Blue Ridge Mountains

Most children love the great outdoors and it can be an excellent way of bonding as a family. It is also an informative and fun time! The Blue Ridge Mountains extend from Georgia to Pennsylvania. It is full of history and stunning walks. But there are also plenty of activities available for children to explore and even indulge in water parks!


  • Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

This massive museum promises to be a day of fun for all the family. It is interactive and full of interesting facts and historical revelations.

Here you can see the Wright flyer; the first plane to fly. You can also see the Apollo 11 command module! Some of the greatest planes of America’s past are on display in the massive hangers; which house hundreds of planes. Many of which you can actually go inside!


  • Luray Caverns

The Luray Caverns is always open to the public and promises to give you and the family a day out to remember. It is in the Shenandoah Valley and offers tours of the caverns roughly every twenty minutes; every day! Attached are also a car and carriage museum and the Luray Valley museum.

The valley is full of other interesting activities and has an abundance of shops and restaurants to ensure everyone has a good day out!


  • Busch Gardens

Although the Busch Gardens are situated in Williamsburg, Virginia they will give you and the family a chance to experience places across the globe! The theme park has areas dedicated to France, Germany, England and even Italy! You can sample the continental delights without leaving Virginia.

There are also plenty of roller coasters and other rides to ensure every member of the family has the best day of their vacation!

Virginia is a very diverse state and has something for people of all ages. It is worth planning your trip today; there are so many things to see and do!


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